Artist Statement

My work begins at the intersection of art and healing. For as long as I can remember I have been using art as a tool for inner peace. When I was young both my grandmother and mother would hand me crayons when I was upset. After a long day there was nothing like sitting down and letting it all go on paper.

Throughout my youth, as a teen, and as a parent, I have continued to let go on paper. While studying Visual Arts in undergrad I learned the importance that art has in healing our minds and calming our bodies. Psychology became my favorite study. There was no debating the scientific research that proved the effects color played on our emotional beings. The proof that patterns repeat in our lives as they do in nature and as they did in my drawings. There was no doubting that art had the ability to effect us. That it had the power to transform a feeling just from looking at it or engaging in a procress of creating it.  I dove into the study of Art and Mind and got my Master in Expressive Art Therapy. Through my study, I focused my work of expressive arts on understanding community. Today I continue with that goal and work to bring creativity to individuals as well as to the street. Using art to uncover personal and social truths. 

I am deeply inspired by larger then life murals that consume me. I use life situations as fuel for the creative fire. With mixed media collage, wheat paste, spray paint, acrylic, water color, newspaper and found objects, I let go on paper and create for the future.

For inquires on my work please contact below.